Manchester United plan to sell Jadon Sancho.

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Manchester United clearly plan to sell Jadon Sancho in this summer. Regardless of whether Erik ten Hag takes charge of the team next season or not.

UFABET reports that Manchester United has considered several factors and has decided to sell Sancho during this summer’s transfer window. After being release to Borussia Dortmund on loan for the second half of the 2023-24 season.

Sancho is still performing poorly. And unable to shake off his distorted attitude at the start of the second round against Borussia Dortmund, it is very likely that the German club will not attempt to buy him out.

Previously, there was speculation that Sancho might return to prove himself at Old Trafford again if Manchester United make a managerial change by releasing Ten Hag from his position after the end of the season. This season Because the problem arises from a conflict between two people.

However, a senior source inside Manchester United told UFABET that it is unlikely Sancho will return to the team for the 2024-25 season as the club would have to sell former players to secure the deal. Raising funds to buy new players and Sancho is one of the names that will be sold.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, owner of the Ineos Group, acquired a 25 percent stake in the club and took control of the club’s football operations. Plan a plan to push Manchester United forward in the right direction. Therefore, the club will not go back and forth on Sancho, and this may include the sacking of Ten Hag as well.